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Ultimate Guide: How To Build EDU Backlinks

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How To Build EDU Backlinks, Placed By Editors, For Free


I’m not going to give you ideas on how to build EDU backlinks, no, INSTEAD I am going to show you EXACTLY how I’m getting .EDU backlinks placed by the website editor on pages that are PR3 +, DA 50+ and even PA 50+ and I’m going to prove to you that I have done so! I am going to show you how I’ve personally contacted educational institutions without picking up the phone while convincing them to link to my website, CONTEXTUALLY. These are real links placed by website editors that are DO-FOLLOW.

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Let Me Show You Proof of My Work

I own the domain (It’s a nursing website I’ve been working on for the nursing community.) Let me prove to you that I own this by my WHOIS information.

How To Get EDU Backlinks

Now I am going to show you 3 of the 200+ EDU links that are pointing to my website (not the home page), the DA, PA, PR, and follow attribute pertaining to each link, and the ACTUAL location of the links for self verification. I can show you these links because my process is LEGIT and Authentic, meaning no PBN and 100% safe in Google’s eyes.

Link #1 – University of Wyoming PR3 PA48  DA80

how to get EDU backlinks


Link #2, New York University PR4  PA 29  DA 88

How To Get EDU Backlinks


Link #3: MiraCosta University scholarships.html PR:3, PA 42, DA 51 I got TWO links from this one! How to get EDU Backlinks

Have a proven myself? I’ve been getting HANDFULS of colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to links to me and I’m going to show you WHY, and HOW TO DO IT For Yourself!

Oh and did I mention; these links will be Niche Relevant?!

Let’s Build Some .EDU, Do Follow, Niche Links!

Throughout this guide I am going to use my website,, as the leading example since I have proven to you that I’ve been able to build authoritative EDU backlinks to that domain. The page that the EDU links refer to is located here – These links will be AWESOME for SEO as well as referral traffic. Additionally, if you use my strategy you will also be sent periodic FREE content by referral traffic. (That will make sense as we go further through this guide.)

  Approach To Building EDU Backlinks

My Approach When Building .EDU Links

Remember, we aren’t building EDU backlinks by commenting on forums and EDU blogs. Instead we are convincing the website editor that your website is important enough to be linked to within the actual EDU website itself (editorial backlinks). These links are incredibly powerful compared to forum and blog comments. When we approach an educational institution we MUST offer a reason which explains why our website content will benefit them. More importantly, why your content will benefit the students enrolled at that particular institution. Believe it or not this is REALLY easy to do. Your approach should ALWAYS be to benefit the students which will greatly increase your chances at getting Do Follow backlinks from these high quality, authoritative websites and pages. Additionally, if you can create content that benefits students who are both enrolling and currently enrolled within the institution you increase your odds even more when asking for a backlink. Let’s look at the content I created for ScrubWire, and how it benefits all students.

  SEO That Works

Free Nursing Scholarship Offer

Having a great workmanship reputation at my local hospital served as a great advantage because it allowed me to setup a scholarship fund sponsored by the Hospital. My efforts resulted in my Hospital putting up 1,000 per year between to awards for students going to nursing school. When I contact colleges and universities for a backlink I pitch my legitimate scholarship program which usually gets listed on their scholarship pages right away.

Note: You could even put aside 50 dollars, or 100 dollars for a scholarship fund, COLLEGES STILL LOVE IT.

Building Your Scholarship Page

EDU Backlinks

When I created my scholarship I put two requirements into play for those submitting an application. 
1. The applicant must use an .EDU based email to verify they are enrolled in school. 2. The applicant must provide an article about past nursing/healthcare personal experiences. Why did I do this? One, the hospital who fronts the money for me wants to verify their enrollment and this is the easiest way to do it. Two, I get free content with every applicant. I average four – five articles per week. Think about how much time and MONEY I am saving while also getting AMAZNG backlinks! Most scholarships require some sort of essay to be submitted which proves that I am not asking much of the students when applying for my scholarship fund.

Here a few guidelines when building your scholarship page

  1. The page URL should be one level in depth. For example, instead of
  2. Make sure you have a terms of service and privacy policy setup on your page, or at least a link to it. (Mine are in the footer of my website.)
  3. Have at least one image on the page to make it look nice and professional.
  1. Try your best to reduce the number of clicks a user needs to make when submitting an application.
  2. Offer contact information such as an email or phone number. (This is more so for on-page SEO).
  3. Lastly, be sure to link to other useful information using your scholarship page. For example, insert a link to a nice article you wrote related to your scholarship. Remember, LINK JUICE PASSES THROUGH LINKS.

Again, feel free to use my page over at ScrubWire as a reference.

Link Almighty

Finding EDU Websites That Will Link to You

For many of you who have tried doing SEO on your own you know that building links can be extremely hard. However, it doesn’t have to be! Now I am going to show you EXACTLY how to find .EDU websites that will LINK TO YOU. Oh yeah don’t forget that these will be niche relevant too!

First we need to figure out what your niche is. Is your website related to health, nursing, business, tech, or anything else? In this example I am going to use my “Nursing” niche to show you how I identified potential websites that would link to me. If you need help with this part email me at and ill give you some pointers on identifying your niche.

  • Head over to the Big G’s website.
  • Search for the following:“Nursing Scholarships”. You are going to find a list of websites that list scholarships for nursing. If your niche is Business you would search “business scholarships”.

Search for the following:“Nursing Scholarships”.

Building EDU Links

Lets break the search query down so that you understand it completely.

Site: this tells Google you are looking for specific websites. .edu: This tells Google you are looking for websites with ONLY .EDU as a domain. “Nursing Scholarships”: This tells Google you are looking for pages that reference nursing scholarships When you put everything together you will be tell Google: Find me a .EDU website page that references nursing scholarships. When you submit that query you will ONLY see EDU websites with nursing related information.

Other queries you could use to find link opportunities are: 1. Site: .edu “External Scholarships” 2. “Scholarships” 3. “Scholarship Websites”

When I search for nursing scholarships this is what I find.

Building EDU Links

Looking at the screenshot of Google I provided above you are going to see that the last link is from I’m going to click on it which should take me to a page full of Nursing Scholarships.


  Perfect, this page links to external scholarships that also related to my nursing niche! Now that we have identified a qualifying page that is niche relevant and has awesome PA and DA (using MozBar) we need to figure out who to contact.

Here are a couple of ways to send a message to the right person.

  1. Find the name of the author on the page you want your linked place, this person may be the one responsible for listing links on the particular page. After finding their name locate their email.
  2. I sometimes email a staff member who serves on the department of nursing which then usually forwards my email to the correct contact. You can find staff members by looking for a college staff directory. These directories often list which department staff members are associated with.
  3. When all else fails, send the email to the school’s financial aide department. Financial aide will usually find interest in your scholarship as they deal with students trying to pay for school!

When browsing the University of Wyoming website I was able to find a nursing faculty page with a handful of potential contacts. Checkout the screenshot below. How to build EDU links

Remember at the beginning how I provided proof of EDU Links? Well I successfully received a link from the and it happens to be one of my most powerful links. The day I was reaching out to the University of Wyoming I decided to contact Kayla as identified using the picture above. My opinion says that you should never contact a dean directlybut I felt that Kayla may be able to do so for me. Sure enough, she did, and the Nursing Programs dean approved the link. The following week the link was live and indexed, BAM!

Writing The Perfect Proposal

Guess what, the hard part is done!

We’ve created a scholarship page; we’ve identified a website that has a high potential of linking back to our content. Now we need to write a script that will prove to the college or university your website is worth linking to!   The best part is, I’m going to write it for you! I am going to show you exactly what I said when reaching out to all of my contacts. I used this same EXACT template for every single one of my outreaches and has landed returned 20% successful!

20% is DAMN good for Internet Marketers.

Tips When Writing Proposals:

1. Make sure your Scholarship Page makes sense.

  1. Make sure you are contacting people who are IN YOUR NICHE.
  2. Make sure to tell them WHY your site BENEFITS the institutions students. (Because your giving free tuition money away!)
  3. Be consistent and persistent! Sometimes you might have to do several follow ups with contacts but it’s worth the work!
  4. Make sure you make everything as EASY as possible for the website editor when placing your link.
  5. Always refer to your contact as Mr. or Mrs or Dr.

Here is an email I sent to a contact who works at Mira Costa university in California and yes… I got a link from them.

The Juicy 20% Converting Script!

Good afternoon Ms. Wright, my name is Johnathon King and I represent ScrubWire’s Nursing Scholarships Program. I have been working with a great group of community colleges and Universities who have been willing to link to our privately funded nursing scholarship and wanted to invite you to join us. Additionally, you can find sources from Yahoo News and AccessWire who have also joined our group in support of our Nursing Scholarship Fund. Click here to view the Yahoo News Story Click here to view the AccessWire News Story I found your list of available scholarships here – html Would you consider adding our nursing scholarship to your list? Scholarship Name – ScrubWire’s Nursing Scholarships Link – We offer two, 500 dollar awards, awarded by students who submit nursing related articles to our scholarship review team. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for your consideration! John King —-End of Script –


Let’s take a moment to dig into the script I just shared with you.

  1. I addressed Mrs. Wright appropriately, showing her respect and professionalism.
  2. I used my own press release package and linked her towards two reputable websites who mentioned my ScrubWire website (this is a great way to show credibility).
  3. I gave her a link to her OWN website where I wanted my link placed.
  4. I then linked her to my scholarship page.
  5. Additionally, I gave her brief information about what the ScrubWire scholarship offered.

As you can see, my script makes is VERY easy to place a link to my website. I’ve linked them to their own website where I want my link placed and then I also linked to my scholarship page. Now…… 

Now Let’s See Her Response! 

Building SEO Backlinks

See! My email got forwarded to the nursing dean and then the scholarship specialist! Let’s look at the scholarship specialist response.

How to build EDU links

Boom! Oh yeah! Let’s look at the live links shall we?!

Building Backlinks

Checkout the stats on that! TWO backlinks do-follow, PA 42 DA 51 PR 3! KILLER.


Let me show you one more conversation with a gal from the University of New York. You can verify my link below.

How to build EDU links

Did you notice something? I hadn’t used my press release features in this transcript and I STILL got a link. How to build backlinks EDU Links

How to build EDU Links

Education links are NOT hard to obtain, AT ALL! In order to get real contextual backlinks from authoritative EDU websites you must show value for their students.

Here is a break down of what we just covered:

  1. Find the niche your website relates to. The EDU Technique I have taught you will ultimately work for all niches (for real).
  2. Build a scholarship page. Although my scholarship fund is 100% legit yours doesn’t have to be. Though I always recommend being honest.
  3. Search google, “your niche scholarships” for potential websites that will link to you.
  4. Find contact information for that website.

5. Use the scripts I’ve shown above when reaching out to website contacts. 6. Enjoy your backlinks!

Have questions?

Email me at and ill help as much as I can.   Thank you for reading, I hope this has helped you tremendously! John King

Get The Email Outreach Script That Converts 20%, FOR FREE


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