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30 Outrageously Powerful Link Building Strategies That Work

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You already know that link building and content are the top two most important signals Google looks at when ranking any page in the SERPs. High quality link building strategies are often difficult to follow, time consuming, and often times proves to be a slow process. However, when looking to pack a punch as you build backlinks you must invest time and effort into the process, which is exactly why I’m going to show you….


“30 Outrageously Powerful Link Building Strategies That Work”

Link Building Strategies

Develop Web 2.0 Pages, Don’t Forget To Include A Backlink

Web 2.0 properties still serve as a good way to build a backlink profile, especially for newly registered domains. Keep in mind, Web 2.0 properties should be treated like any other guest posting opportunity which means the quality of the page needs to be built with quality in mind. Need help locating quality Web 2.0 properties? Here are some to name a few.

  •  (Aquired by HubPages Source)

Backlink Strategies

Building Backlinks with Social Media, A Must Use Strategy 

We already know that social signals play a major role in Google Rankings. Source. Therefore, you should be doing everything you can to utilize social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and others. Not to mention, all of these services are either completely free or have a freemium offer. Every update you make to your blog you need to be sure is posted to each of the social media pages you own. You might be thinking that having four social media profiles might be tough to keep up with. Your right, however there are plenty of services online that help you manage scheduled posts to all of your social media accounts, here a few to name a couple.

These are just to name a few of the social media account manager platforms out there and some are more affordable than others. Once you have chosen which platform you would like to use you need to connect the platform to your social media accounts. Confirm that everything is good to go and create a couple of test post to ensure the social media management platform you chose is actually working.

Next, I recommend scheduling at least sixty posts which will be published to your social media accounts over a period of thirty days. Make sure these posts relate to your niche and provide some type of benefit to your readers. This is a great way to build social signals for your website as well as backlinks if you already have a social media following.


Wikipedia Dead Link Building Strategy

Backlink Strategies

Building backlinks using Wikipedia is a strategy I often use for my personal website and can personally say these link pack an incredible punch. Remember, we’re going to build quality links on Wikipedia which means we need to perform a little bit of work to get placed on these high DA/PA pages. Let’s look at how we can accomplish such feat. Note: In this example I will be searching for dead links relating to “SEO Resources”.

Step One, Head Over To Google and Search…..

Link Building Strategies

Let’s quickly break this string down so that we understand why it works for finding backlinks on Wikipedia. – This tells Google we are searching for pages that are listed on the Wikipedia website only.

Health – tells Google that it needs to only serve page results that relate to health topics.

+ “Dead Link” – This tells Google that we are looking for pages with dead links.


Here is what is returned when I search for the above query.

Link Building Strategies

When Google returns it’s results, you are going to be presented with a list of potential pages you can get a backlink from. You will need to look around for a page that best suits your specific niche, however in this example I am going to want to get a backlink from the Wikipedia page that talks about being overweight.

  • Once you find a page that you would like to get a backlink from you are going to need to locate one of the likely many dead links within the page itself. Google Chrome makes this easy with its word finding tool. Just click on Edit > Find and search for “Deak Link”.

How To Build Backlinks

You have successfully found a dead link on a Wikipedia page, what’s next? I suggest that you checkout the moving man method. Click here to learn about this technique, Brian does a great job at explaining it.

Reverse Guest Post Link Building

Building Backlinks With Reverse Guest Posting 

The reverse guest posting link building strategy works great if you already have a medium to large following on your website, and bonus points if you have a following on social media websites as well. Reverse Guest Posting is the practice of accepting guest posts to on your website, however, not for SEO purposes. Instead, when accepting guest posts to your website you need to have a very clear set of rules that explains each piece of content must benefit the readers. Finding contributors for your website who can write great content that engages your audience is an incredibly powerful way for building backlinks. How so? Engaging content often times increases social shares which is a powerful ranking signal for the big “G”. Note: Write with your readers in mind, not for SEO.

Here are a clear set of guidelines you could use if you decide to accept guest submitted content.

  • Content must be at least 1,000 words and must include descriptive images. (great for user interest/engagement)
  • Content must be 100% unique and not plagiarized from other sources.
  • Content must be related to “these topics”. Include topics your website promotes.
  • Outbound links must be related to the topic of conversation.
  • Please provide a biography at the bottom of your submitted article.

Again, this method I feel best suites brands that already have a good following and are able to attract professional contributors who want to share quality information with your readers.

Link Building Strategies

My  Favorite Backlink Building Strategies, The Sky Scraper  

I have to admit, I didn’t think of this brilliant method on my own, which is why I have to give Brian Dean credit for showing may internet marketing experts the Sky Scraper link building strategy. You can learn more about it here. Brian does a great job showing his followers how to go through the process of building backlinks using the Skyscraper backlink building strategy. However, essentially this is what you do.

  1. Find a piece of great content that seems to have momentum.
  2. Write something bigger, better, longer, more detailed, more useful. If someone created a list that talks about “101 Cooking Recipes that are Easy to Make”, you would create something better such as “250 cooking recipes that are easy to make”. You get the point, right? More detail, images, sources, all the goodies.
  3. Once the content is created, you need to use a tool such as AHrefs that can spy on the backlinks of your competitors. Lookup all of the backlinks that point to article, 101 Easy Cooking Recipes, and contact those backlink websites asking them to link to your better content.

Click here for a full guide.

Link Building Strategies

Broken Link, Link Building Strategy

Believe it or not, broken link building works VERY well. Let’s take a dive into how we can fix the web as one of our backlink building strategies.

First of all, we’re going to need to find a website (related to your niche) that has broken links. In this example we’re going to look for websites that are in the internet marketing / SEO industry. So let’s use this article as an example for this tutorial. The best way to find broken links is by identifying list articles that have a few outbound links. So lets head to Google and search for….

Backlink Strategies

Upon clicking search we are going to be presented a list of pages that talk about “How To Build Backlinks”. 

How to build backlinks

Let’s checkout the large list posted by Now that we have an articles that is long, provides a lot of good information, and also has a few links pointing out to the interwebs, we need to check to see if any of those links are broken. I always use Check My Links chrome extension which works VERY well for bulk searching for broken links.

You can get the chrome extension here. 

Upon running the extension, I find that there are several broken links. Lets check it out.

Backlink Building Strategies

As you can see, there are 11 broken links on this page alone, one of those I have highlighted, the best site, which triggers a 505 error. What now? Now you need to email the author or website editing staff about the broken link. Usually you can find contact information by going to the authors BIO page, or simply go to the Contact Us page that most websites offer. Here is what you want to send the receiving party.

Author/Website”, I have been going through your article, “Article Link Here”, and have really enjoyed the resources you have provided, great stuff! I noticed that one of your resources offered a broken link, more information about broken link”. Anyhow, I thought you might want to fix it. Additionally, I have an article “Article link here”, that you might be interested in reading. You might find it to benefit your readers as well. If you enjoy it, feel free to list it within your article as well.

Regardless, good work, keep it up!


This script converts at around 20% for me, and if executed correctly, it will work for you as well. I always use the broken link building back link building strategy because it works VERY well. When emailing the article authors keep in mind that you should be respectful, thank them for their work, and offer them something that their readers might enjoy.

Link Building Strategies

Guest Posting, Yeah, It Still Works

Contrary to popular belief, Guest Posting still serves as an amazing link building strategy. Here is the trick to successful guest posting. Instead of writing for SEO, you should write for the Readers. Too many people were using guest posting opportunities simply as a tactic for backlink acquisition which routinely lead to poor quality content and worst of all, spam. (Which Google hates if you didn’t know.) However, guest posting on industry relevant sites while offering unique content that is written for the user, not SEO, works very, very well.

If you need help finding guest posting opportunities you can check out his article by Peter SandeenHe provides you a list of 140+ niche guest posting opportunities that are free for anyone.

Guidelines For Successful Guest Posting

  1. Reach out to industry relevant websites
  2. Write content for the reader, not for SEO
  3. Content should be at least 750 words
  4. Always include images to make the read easy for people
  5. Always include a professional authors bio.
  6. Never steal content, always source your information.
  7. Only include links in the article that are relevant to the writing

View A List Of Guest Posting Websites Here

Link Building Strategies

Building Backlinks on Resource Pages


Another great link building strategy, building backlinks using resource pages. Essentially, resource pages are pages full of resources that authors may think their readers could benefit from. Oh, and by the way, these backlinks truly can pack a real punch. Seriously. Let’s figure out how to find resource pages.

In this demonstration I am going to look for resource pages about internet marketing and SEO. So we’re going to go to Google where we will search….

Backlink Building Strategies

Upon searching for seo resources, I find the following results.


Build Backlinks

The very first returned result is perfect. Why? The author provides a list of 58 resources that help people learn SEO. Great! Now we need to figure out how to contact the author and present to them our article that would benefit readers who are learning SEO. Lets go a little further.

Backlink Building Strategies

At the very end of the article, readers are given the social media profiles of the author. Go to their profile and send them a script which should look something like this.

Mr/Mrs. Author, I have been reading your article [link to their article] and have been able to learn greatly from it. Great work, keep it up! Additionally, I have written a comprehensive guide about [Tell the the guide topic] and thought that it might benefit your readers, too. You can find the article here [your article link] Anyhow, thank you for your hard work, keep it up!


This script has landed me about a 15% conversion rate. Remember, be professional in your script and show the author courtesy. Also, be sure to mention slightly how their work has benefited you.

How to build backlinks

Creating Backlinks With Product Testimonials

Believe it or not, creating product testimonials is another link building strategy I have used to build a few pretty powerful backlinks. Have you ever found a business that doesn’t like to share what their customers are saying about their website? Probably not. Sometimes you will even find that it’s worth paying a small amount for a product simply to have the chance to leave a review on the companies website. The magic question is, how do we find quality testimonial pages?

  1. Go to Google and search for services that are related to your niche.
  2. Find a product thats worth 10 – 25 dollars.
  3. Check to see if the company has a page for testimonials.
  4. If the metrics are good, purchase the product.
  5. Send the company your testimonial, include a link to your website.
  6. You’re done! Watch the magic happen!

backlink building

Building Backlinks with the Assistance of AHREFS

This is one of my personal favorite tactics! If you can afford an Ahrefs subscription, you will be opening the gates for unlimited backlink possibilities, seriously. How so? AHrefs has a tool called “Site Explorer” which allows you to spy on each backlink that your competitor has. All you need to do is find their backlinks and then you try to steal them. Here is a step by step guide to this process. 

In this example, we’re going to use my website, Link Almighty, and we’re going to try to find backlinks to steal from one of our competitors, Here is what we need to do.

First, we’re going to go to the Site Explorer tool over at AHrefs, and we’re going to search for the QuickSprout website. Here is what I find.

Link Building Strategies

Quite an impressive link profile. To the left sidebar, you will see the sidebar, towards the middle you will see Inbound Links, and Links. Click on the Links section. Here is what I find.

Building Backlinks

We can now look into their entire link portfolio, at least the links that Ahrefs can find, and based on what we find, we can determine which website we have the most probability of getting a backlink from. Here is what you should do from this point forward.

  1. Using Ahrefs, find which referring domains of your competitors may want to link to your website / article
  2. Find contact information for that website.
  3. Contact the website owner / article author.

Here is what you say in your script.

Hi website owner, author, I have been reading material on your website for quite sometime now and have found it very resourceful. To be more specific, this piece of content ( link to an article) taught me about this and it really helped me out. I noticed you have been sharing information regarding my niche and wanted to show you an article I have written that you may find interesting. Check it out here (your article). Anyhow, feel free to share it with your following as you see fit. Regardless, great work! Keep it up, and thank you for everything!


Get to the point quickly, be polite, and make sure you tell them how their content has helped you. You should be good to go with this strategy.

Backlink Building Strategies

Building Backlinks Using Infographics! 

I always find it surprising the number of people I talk to who have never heard of the backlink building strategy, “infographics”. This is a powerhouse link building strategy that anyone can use, no matter the industry. Here is how it works

First, you need to build an infographic, and yes, it needs to be high quality and it also needs to relate to your niche. For example, let’s say I build a beautiful infographic that gave 30 of the best link building strategies, I would first start out by posting it to my website. After I post my own infographic, we need to begin searching the web for websites that often talk about link building and SEO in nature. Lets go to Google and search for…..

Link Building strategies

We’re going to be returned results listing different websites that talk about building backlinks.


Figure out which website might be most interested in accepting your infographic, and then pitch them to use your infographic, for free. This is something you might consider saying to the site owner/editor.

Site owner, I frequent your website and really value the information you offer to us internet marketers. More particularly, this article [link to a helpful article of theirs], has really taught me about [tell them how their content has helped you]. I also have something you might find interesting, I created an infographic that talks about 30 powerful link building strategies, feel free to give me some input. Regardless, thanks for all the hard work!


Instead of asking the website owner for a link, we’ve invited the website owner/editor to view our infographic. If they get back to you, you would continue the conversation with something like this.

Hey, thanks for the great input, I really appreciate it! You’re more than welcome to list this infographic on your website, too, and if so I would be happy to write you a unique description to go along with it! Let me know,


Here, we’ve offered them a free infographic as well as a free description to go along with it. Keep in mind, the description you offer must be unique, high quality, and aimed at the website you are posting the graphic on. If they respond wanting to use the infographic be sure to write a good description and to include your website link within the description as well.

Link Building Campaigns

Building Backlinks with Ask and Answer Websites

Believe it or not, you can get some pretty powerful backlinks from sites that are focused on questions and answers. Throughout this article I have mentioned several times about the importance of quality content, content that is written which offers value to its reader. When answering questions on “ask anything websites” you need to keep the word “Quality” in mind. Here are a few websites you can use to answer questions while also using a link. These are really good for linking to articles that might be answering the question the asker is posting.

link building strategies

Building  Backlinks with Blog Comments (The Right Way)

Wait, what!? Blog Commenting? That’s right, blog commenting often in the world of SEO is shunned upon and for obvious reasons. SEO’s often find that automated software and cheap link brokers blast thousands of low quality blogs with terrible quality comments. However, finding a blog that discusses topics related to your niche, and actually offering a valuable comment to the article is a strategy that is found to be very useful, and proven. Let me show you how I would find a blog that talks about SEO or internet marketing in general. First, we need to go to the Google website and search for….

Link Building

This query will return a list of results that talk about SEO and often times will allow users to post comments. When you find a website that you would like to leave a comment on, first, you need to read the article itself. Yes, READ the actual article, learn about what the author is teaching, and figure out if what the article covers actually helps you personally. If the article actually benefits you, you then need to figure out if you have a resource on your website that would benefit and RELATE to the article itself. Draft a high quality comment talking about how great the article was, and then, include a link to something on your website that would further promote the content of the article you just read. Often times, the author will approve it, and then you landed yourself a do-follow backlink.

backlink building strategy

Building Backlinks by Getting Website Feedback, for Free!

Here is an interesting way to build backlinks. You can easily build backlinks from websites that give you reviews and feedback about the design, speed, and user experience of your website. Think of it as website critique, for free. Here are a few websites that offer such service and you also get a free backlink. Note: You can only get a free backlink after you submit three reviews for three other websites in their system.

Link Building Strategies

Building Backlinks By Claiming Brand Mentions

People are talking about your brand, that’s awesome! The real problem is the fact that although they mention your brand, they aren’t linking to you. Easily figure out who is talking about you and mentioning your “brand name”. Once you find the brand name mention, contact the author of the article or website owner and ask them to turn that “Brand Mention” into a hyperlink to your website! Here is how we can do it. Let’s assume we own the website, Nike, we need to go to Google and search….

Link Building Strategies

Upon searching the query above, we will get a list of pages that reference nike. Towards the bottom I found an article mentioning Nike without linking to it’s website. Checkout the image below.

How to build backlinks

The author is already talking about Nike, which is awesome, however he doesn’t link to the Nike website. Now what we need to do is reach out to the author using contact information provided in his BIO below the article and will ask him for a link. Here is something you might say.

Dear Author, I noticed in this article [link to article] you were talking about the company I represent, we appreciate that! Would you also consider linking to our home page as well? The website is Awesome article by the way, keep up the good work!


Backlink Strategies

Building Backlinks with the Reverse Image Search Technique 

This is by far one of the most interesting link building strategies I had learned over the course of 2015. Don’t you hate it when people steal your images from Google search? Similar to reclaiming your brand name via articles, you can actually do the same with images. Find people who are using your images, contact them, and tell the to source you as the rights holder or they will need to take down the content. Here is how to do it.

Go to an image on your website, right click and copy the image location, just like I have done in the image below.

Link Building Strategies

Once the link has been copied, go paste the link into Google, and click search. You will now be presented all of the web pages on the internet that hotlink to the image on your website. Check each website to make sure they are sourcing you for their image. If they are not giving you the credit for the image, you might contact them using this message.

Dear website owner, I noticed that you are using one of my images from my own website located here [your site]. I only ask that you would add a link underneath the image giving me credit for owning it. If not, I ask that you remove the image from your article. Thanks for your consideration.


Backlink Building Strategies

Building .EDU Backlinks With Scholarships 

Often times, EDU backlinks (when built the right way) pack a serious punch. We’re talking PA DA 60+ backlinks that last a lifetime, for real. How do we build real .EDU backlinks placed by the website editorial team? I wrote a complete guide on the process, check it out, its free!

How To Build EDU Backlinks, The Right Way.

How to build backlinks

Building EDU Backlinks Using EDU Resource Pages

There are loads of things any SEO should learn regarding EDU backlink building, however, one of my favorite strategies is to go after resource pages on educational websites, and it works VERY well. The process is a little tedious, however, for these backlinks its worth it. I have a video below that will show you how to accomplish bot the scholarship and resource EDU link building strategies, enjoy!



how to build backlinks

Building Backlinks Using The Moving Man Method – Backlinko

Another note worthy backlink building strategy is the moving man method by Brian Dean, owner of Brian does an excellent job explaining how to go through this technique, so be sure to checkout his guide, its certainly worth taking a look at.

Click here to view Brians Moving Man

link building strategies

Building Backlinks with Facebook Advertising

Believe it or not, you can build powerful backlinks using Facebook advertising, but how? The two things you need are, a Facebook Business Page, and a great piece of content to promote. Once you have written an awesome article about whatever your niche is related to you should head over to Facebook and pay to promote your article.

Why do this?

You can actually create VERY targeted Facebook campaigns, as you should if Facebook advertising, and you can promote your article to the people most likely to read and share it. This method is similar to using social signals to boost your rankings in Google. Make sure your targeted audience settings are set to people who are looking for your niche, and more importantly, who are looking for the information your promoted content has to offer.

Step Two: Post the article to your Facebook page, and then boost the article with a small budget. Make sure the boost is using the custom audience you created. With a little luck, you will begin generating more readers, shares, and backlinks!


How To Build Backlinks

Building High Quality Backlinks Using a PBN

Private blog networks are a powerhouse tool to consider for your backlink building strategy arsenal, seriously. However, keep in mind that you should, under any circumstances, avoid a pubic private blog network that anyone and their grandmother can join. There are a lot of considerations to make when building backlinks with a PBN, however, if you’re wanting to host your own PBN setup, I recommend the tools below which will get you on your way.

Before I share with you the tools I personally use to run my own successful PBN, I want to mention a couple of other minor details. For one, by joining a public private blog network it is impossible to control the quality of the PBN itself, as well as footprints. By owning your own PBN (its not that expensive), you can better control footprint avoidance, the quality of the content posted to the PBN, and OBL’s, all in which are important to a powerful PBN. I’ve tired and tested MANY PBN tools, and here are the ones I recommend for finding quality domains as well as hosting the network.

There are a lot of considerations to make as you begin pursuing the idea of building out your PBN, however, here are a few tips worth taking note from my own personal, and successful experience.

  1. Never link to a money site more than once per PBN website. NEVER. Trust me, it’s very tempting.
  2. Your PBN sites should be real sites, too. Only add high quality content to your PBN sites, non-spun, content thats useful to readers.
  3. Always plug your PBN sites into a CDN service such as Cloudflare. (free).

If you have any questions about PBN setups feel free to ask below in the comments, I’d be happy to give you more tips.

backlink strategies

Building Backlinks by Email Marketing

If you currently manage an email list and have a decent following you should leverage the power of social shares and link building through email marketing. Assuming that you send at least one email newsletter per week to your list, here is how you could promote more social shares and backlinks.

  1. Before sending out your news letter, be sure you have a compelling piece of content to promote through the email blast itself. Make sure the content actually helps and benefits your readers in same way.
  2. On the bottom of your newsletters be sure to add social buttons that allow readers to share the news itself. Surprisingly,  I get more than 25 social shares per blast I send, to a list of 600 people. (and growing). Guess what, these are free social signals! (Ranking signal for Google!)
  3. Ask readers to link to your website, even go as far as providing an html code at the bottom of your newsletter so all your reader needs to do is copy and paste. Make it as simple as you can for the reader.


Backlink Building Using Link Bait Content

Let me be clear upfront, it’s extremely important to understand that in order to get backlinks, you need to promote your content. In order to successfully promote content, you need have content worth promoting. Before writing a new piece of content for your readers you need to truly understand what they are looking for. The best way to do this is to head over to Buzzsumo, or Ahrefs, and search for content that is currently performing well with social shares. For the longest of time I have noticed that lists articles perform VERY, very well.

What’s a list article you ask? Have you ever seen the articles titled, 101 ways a plumber can unclog a toilet? That’s a list article. Come up with a list article for your niche, similar to mine, 30 outrageously powerful link building strategies. Once you have completed an amazing, in-depth article that you are sure your readers will benefit from, you should then begin to promote it. If the content is good enough, readers are going to want to share the content, and link to it. There you go, you have some link bait.

  1. Create content that your readers want
  2. Consider writing a list article
  3. More than 3,000 words
  4. Don’t forget to add images
  5. Always include social share buttons within content

Link Building Strategies

Link Building By Participation

For two reasons, link building by participation can be very powerful. For one, it can help you build powerful backlinks related to your niche. Two, it can help you build awesome relationships with others who would be willing to link to new content you publish down the road. When I mention link building by participation, I mean that you should join groups on Facebook, Forums, and other sites that are related to your niche where you offer free advice. Build a name for yourself and your business by contributing back to your niche communities.

My favorite places to offer free advice are,

  1. WarriorForum
  2. DigitalPoint
  3. Facebook Groups

You would be surprised how well this works for me, and now, whenever I publish new content, it’s usually pretty easy for me to get ten or so links right away. Don’t underestimate the power of participation. 

Link Building

Link Building with Industry Influencers 

This link building strategy perfectly follows my mentioning of participation on niche relevant websites. As you begin participating on other websites you should find that you’re also building a list of industry influencers. Influencers are people you can reach out to when you publish a new piece of content to your website who will then help you promote it, usually to their social media followings.

How do you find influencers? 

  1. Go to Buzzsumo (Totally worth it)
  2. Use the keyword research to find content that is performing well in your industry.
  3. Once you found an article that has been shared a few hundred times, look to see who shared the articles.
  4. Buzzsumo will tell you exactly who shared the article which you are investigating.
  5. Contact the influencers who shared the content and ask them to consider reviewing the content you feel is worth promoting. If the influencer promotes your content be sure to ask them to connect directly on social media so that you can contact them again as you publish new content.

Link Building

Link Building with HARO

For those of you who are serious about building some of the most powerful backlinks ever, without having to pay a single penny, Help A Reporter is for you. Help A Reporter Out, or HARO for short, is an amazing (free) service that allows you to answer queries being sought by by reporters who work for some of the most influential websites in the world. Every morning, afternoon, and evening you will get a list of queries that are sent straight to your inbox asking for your advice. Simply email the reporter with their given HARO contact email address and answer their questions. I’ve personally have landed links on and, keep in mind however that sometimes you will go months without a link, so don’t give up!

Visit HARO


Reciprocal Link Building

Most of you are thinking by now, why would John include reciprocal link building to this list of link building strategies? Simple, we’re not doing normal reciprocal link building. No, instead, we’re going to reach out and offer link exchanges to different websites when using Facebook groups. Here is how you can do this.

  1. Login to Facebook and begin searching for groups related to SEO, Guest Posting, Link Building.
  2. Ask permission to join the group, most of the times you will be accepted.
  3. Make a post asking if anyone is interested in a link exchange.
  4. Offer a backlink on your website (guest post) if they allow you to guest post on a totally different website of theirs?

This works especially well for people who have large list of Guest Posting websites.

backlink building strategy

Link Building Strategy: Out Write Your Competitor 

This is a very proven way for building backlinks successfully that also pack a major punch! Here is how you do it.

  1. Use a service such as Buzzsumo or Ahrefs to find content that is performing well in your niche. Preferably, an article written by your competitor for a keyword you are needing to rank well for.
  2. Re-write the article and make it 1000% better than your competitors article.
  3. No matter what, if it makes sense, the article should be AT LEAST 1,000 words long.
  4. Use images, consider the use of stock photos.
  5. Use Ahrefs to locate websites who are linking to your competitors article.
  6. Contact the website owners and ask them to link to the “New and better content” you just published”.

This is one of my most favorite strategies, period.

link building strategies

Building Backlinks with Press Releases 

Most of you would say that using press releases as a strategy to build backlinks is pointless. If you are using press releases with the only intent to build links, you are absolutely right, its worthless. However, if you write truly news worthy content that others are willing to share, and you use the right press release service, believe it or not you can get some of the best backlinks imaginable placed by readers who noticed the press release publication.

Some services will write the press release on your behalf, however, in most cases you will have to assume this responsibility. If you are going to create a press release thats worth sharing by your readers, I recommend hiring a copywriter to help you with the article. Plan to invest at least 500.00 USD into this project. Here are a few press release services I have used myself and recommend.

link building

Backlink Building with Free and Paid Directories 

Last but not least on our link building strategies list, free and paid link directories. Finding quality link directories may be tough, but good directories still exist and offer a decent way for gaining links when first starting out with a new website. Here are a few directories you might consider.

Now Its Your Turn

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it! 30 Outrageously Powerful Link Building Strategies. What do you think, which strategies did you find useful? Feel free to leave a comment below and share with me what you believe to be the best link building strategies. Thanks for reading!

John King

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