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Free SEO Leads, The Autopilot Strategy

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Whether you freelance full time, work for a small business, or work for a large marketing team and are responsible for SEO, you know that free SEO leads are extremely hard to come by. However, what if I told you that receiving free SEO leads is as easy as counting to three, would you believe me? Likely not, though in this article….

“I will show you exactly how I generate free SEO leads automatically, which are sent straight to my inbox, the moment a potential client is seeking help for SEO related services.”


This article is going to show you how to generate free SEO leads, yes, though I must admit that this strategy can be used FAR BEYOND the realm of SEO marketing. If you own a writing business, local shoppe, or anything else, you can be sure that this article will benefit you.

Lets Start Generating Free SEO Leads 

To accomplish the generation of free SEO leads we’re going to need to leverage two amazing free resources known as IFTTT (If This Then That), and CraigsList. Yeah, you heard me right, Craigslist. You would be surprised to find how many people publish posts in search for something, rather than selling an item on Craigslist. As CraigsList users post an Ad searching for something related to your product or service, we’re going to need to have a system in place that will email the customers information straight to our inbox which is where IFTTT comes into place. Let’s start by setting up our own IFTTT account, it’s free.


IF This Then That


By visiting the IF This Then That’s website, you will discover the limitless possibilities the service has to offer. IFTTT will monitor craigslist for any new posts that are published that seek the product or service you offer. To get started, we’re going to need to setup an account with IFTTT.

Setup Your IFTTT Account Here – It’s Free.

Great, you have successfully registered your all new IFTTT account. If you aren’t already, you should login to your new account, you can do so by clicking here. Once you have successfully logged into your IFTTT account you will be redirected to a screen that looks like the image below.

Free SEO Leads


Notice the red box indicator I added in the image above. After you have signed onto your IFTTT account, scroll down a little bit which is where you will find the IF Recipes button located just beneath the Slideshow Gallery. If you are having a hard time locating the IF Recipes button try clicking here. Once you have successfully navigated to the IF Recipes you need to scroll down to the button labeled, More Recipes. Checkout the example below.

Free SEO Leads IFTTT


Once you have clicked on the More Recipes button you should be able to see the Recipe labeled Craigslist. Click on it. Checkout the image below if you can’t seem to find it.

Free SEO Leads

If you still haven’t had success finding the CraigsList to Email Recipe try clicking here. 


You should now be looking at the following screen within your IF THIS THEN THAT Account.

Free SEO Leads


So we’re at a stopping point with our IFTTT account as we need to supply the IFTTT service with a URL to CraigsList. What now? You guessed it, we need to head over to the CraigsList website. Follow the instructions listed below.

  1. Visit the CraigsList website for your area. If you’ve never used CraigsList before, Craigslist has a separate page for each area in your state. For example, if you live in Houston Texas the URL would be “Houston.Craigslist.org.” If you live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the URL would be “Philadelphia.Craigslist.org” If you live in a small town area you will notice that CraigsList does not have a dedicated page for your location, instead it will combine a group of smaller cities into one page. (I hope that makes sense.) If you live in a smaller city, you might want to extend the reach of your free SEO lead generation to larger cities near by. Click here for the official list of cities supported by Craigslist. 

Once you have chosen the city in which you would like to generate your free SEO leads you need to find which CraigsList Keywords your potential clients are publishing “Wanted Ads” for.


Queries that Locate Potential Clients

We’re using this demonstration to show you how to generate free SEO leads, therefor I am going to search for something on Craigslist related to marketing. (Im using the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area in this demonstration.) I am looking for leads that relate to individuals searching for marketing/online marketing services. So here is what I need to search in Craigslist. Also, be sure to search in the GIGS section, I have had the best success using this CraigsList category.

Free SEO Leads

Free SEO Leads


By searching for “SEO” within the GIGS category of Craigslist I was able to pick up a few related “Help Wanted” posts relating to my expertise. Awesome, right? Now, here is what we need to do, we need to copy the Web Address associated with this page on Craigslist and will need to paste the URL into the IFTTT box. Checkout the two images below if you’re confused.

Free SEO Leads

Copy the URL, and then paste the CraigsList URL into IFTTT. 


Free SEO Leads


Excellent job! Now, once you have selected the Create button after pasting your CraigsList URL into the IFTTT box, you will see something like the image below as long as the recipe was successfully created. 


Look at the image above, you can see that I boxed in red a link titled My Recipes, click on that to view the recipe we just made together.

Free SEO Leads

Free SEO Leads Are on Their Way!

Seriously though, once someone posts an Ad in the Gigs section of craigslist that has anything to do with SEO, you will get an instant email with the Ad details and contact information related to the individual who posted the Ad looking for your services. All you need to do is follow up with them. How awesome is that? A step further, you can add an unlimited number of Recipes, which means that you can create a lead generating recipe for any town that you wish. If you have a couple of hours for building recipes you could easily be generating free SEO leads for multiple large towns in your area!


Now It’s Your Turn, Let Me Know Your Thoughts 

How do you feel about generating free SEO leads using IFTTT and CraigsList? Have you already been using this method and have found success? Share your comments or questions down below, I love to hear from my readers!

Credit: PlacementSEO.com (They Tipped Me On This Idea)
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