About LinkAlmighty and What We Stand For

It’s operation headquarters located in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania, Link Almighty was founded and currently owned by John King. The team behind Link Almighty holds more than six years of Search Engine Optimization experience along with experience pertaining to social media advertising, content marketing, and website to website relationship management.


We’re a professional small business SEO company that chooses to work with no more than ten clients at a time in order to evenly spread out our time with each client, ensuring that each of our SEO members get the amount of attention and website support they deserve and need. Instead of opening our small business SEO program on a first come first serve basis, it is required that each small business submits an application to the program itself, which is then reviewed by our in house SEO experts. Based on your requirements, online marketing goals, budget, and the level of campaign competitiveness we will decide whether or not your goals would be met by our small business SEO program.


Link Almighty does it’s absolute best to remain transparent and accountable with its small business SEO clients. We have a built in system that allows members to view a daily updated report pertaining to the progress of their website rankings and the work being done through out the life of their small business SEO campaign. No matter the time of day you will be able to access updated documents allowing you to review exactly what is being done with your project. It’s amazing, really!


As a short disclaimer and part of our transparency policy, we like to point out that if someone ever promises you a positive ranking in Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you should stray away from their services. We do not guarantee any rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing whatsoever. Why? The search engines ultimately decide who ranks on page one for each keyword, however, we promise to follow best practices and strategies that have proven to rank our clients.


We encourage all of our readers to reach out to us with questions or comments. You can do so by visiting our contact page.